About Auto Insurance

We often get the question; are you a broker for all types of insurance? The answer is YES! Here at Team Insurance and Financial Services Inc. we have access to multiple insurance carriers and have the ability to check with each one for our clients. Each Team Insurance licensed agent will take the time to meet with the client and find the right company to fit their needs.

When it comes to automobile insurance, just about each person, we check quotes for, have their own unique situation. We have multiple insurance carriers to meet each individuals needs. Some auto insurance companies cater to the people with the perfect driving record and have never had a ticket. Some insurance companies have great rates for those married folks, while others will have the best rates for the person with the troubled DMV record and an SR-22.

Most people we talk to, do not realize that there can be 20% to 25% discounts available for grouping their auto policy with the homeowners or renters policies. Did you? Or maybe you are a member of a group or organization that will give you an additional discount. Here at Team Insurance we pride ourselves to take the time to get your specific information, get each available discount and find the right company for you. Then we will go over each quote with you face to face. We will explain how each of the coverage works and if we have the proper amount of coverage. Most online insurance companies are not cheaper and will miss many of these local and national discounts. This is where the knowledge of a local agent really pays off and the client saves BIG MONEY. I encourage you to call us direct or fill out this online form and see the difference that GREAT agents can do for you.

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